Pink Summits is an inspirational campaign for the sake of visibility of LGBT+ all over the world. We do this by climbing and queering the highest mountains of each continent, including Everest (so called Seven Summits), with LGBT+ symbols. We document our journey, share our experiences, fundraise for local LGBT+ initiatives, organize hiking and rock-climbing community events as well as provide mentorship for young queer folks around the world. This campaign is not only about raising our rainbow flags on every summit, but also about the need to work together to make the inspirational voices of the LGBT+ communities more visible.

Pink Summits is a long-term campaign. Every mountain needs careful preparation. We believe that we will complete the campaign with the ascent to the final summit, Everest, in 2025.

However, this will not be the end, but rather the beginning: we document all our ascents carefully and we plan to make a documentary, a podcast and even to write a book. We hope this way we can inspire more people. You can follow our journey through our blogs below, our facebook page, our instagram or through instagram of Dastan Kasmamytov, who started the whole campaign.



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