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Join our expedition to Central Asia!

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I organize an adventure expedition to Central Asia in August 2020 (postponed due to the COVID-19 epidemics to 2021) for my queer friends and straight allies across the Globe. I am not a tour company and do not want to become one. First and foremost, I want to share great experiences with you, to show my beloved region and its culture, to explore nature, and most importantly to get meaningful connections and support local communities in Central Asia, particularly LGBT communities.

The expedition is organized as a part of Pink Summits campaign and all profits will go to the campaign budget as well as to local LGBT and feminist organizations in Central Asia. If you can not come this time, keep an eye on our other Pink Summits destinations.

During this expedition to Central Asia there will be four trips in total, you can choose only one trip or combine two or more to have a wider range of experiences.


In a long term, I want to build a group of trusted enthusiasts from LGBT communities in Central Asia who will help to organize such expeditions. Already this year my local LGBT friends will join the team and help to organize the expedition. Some of them are experienced mountaineers and hikers. All local guides, porters, cooks, etc. will get a fixed salary. We will visit local LGBTled or LGBT-friendly businesses as well. This way we will support local LGBT communities and businesses.


The expedition is rather about exploring the region together as a queer-friendly team where I will be leading and organizing it, but I beg you to regard me first of all as your friend and not as a tour guide and service operator 😉


In the budget below I included only direct costs (transportation, accommodation in guesthouses/yurts, and meals during hiking trips, etc.) and local salaries for LGBT-(friendly) people who will assist in organizing the expedition. I will not get a salary, but I will include all costs that I bear to organize this expedition.

The prices are in any case much cheaper or the same as of Western or local tour companies. If we manage to save and cut on budgets, the money will be spent to Pink Summits. I would be also very happy and grateful though if after a successful trip you will donate to Pink Summits and local LGBT organizations in Central Asia.


The whole expedition is divided into several trip sections. You can join all those trips or choose only ones that suit you in terms of time and budget. You will be picked up from the closest international airport.

Each trip is unique and offers different experiences. Kazakhstan is a perfect introduction into the region with a good mix of everything. Kyrgyzstan has the best trekking routes. Uzbekistan is famous for its ancient architecture and deserts. Tajikistan and Afghanistan trips are for sure the most adventurous.

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