Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc becomes Monte Rosa

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There are only a few days left, but COVD-19 has also reached the Pink Summits Team. We are not sick, but it has thwarted our travel plans.
Originally, we wanted to climb the Mont Blanc in June as our next summits. Unfortunately, the travel restrictions were still in effect and we were not able to travel to France from “our” countries. Therefore we had decided to move the expedition from June 2020 to September 2020 in the hope of having open borders. All summer long we observed the region and everything looked good so far.

The only limitation was that the non-European team members could not enter due to travel restrictions. Therefore we planned to have a smaller team in September 2020 and at the same time we scheduled a repeat for September 2021. A few days ago, the region around Chamonix and Mont Blanc was declared a risk area for Germany. This means that the trip will fall through this year. On the one hand because we want to travel responsibly and on the other hand because otherwise the guides would have to go into quarantine and could not work as usual.

With a heavy heart we had to cancel or postpone Pink Summits Mont Blanc 2020. But we still want to stay fit and therefore we decided to go to another alpine region. Instead of over 4,800 meters with the Mont Blanc, we now want to climb up to 4,600 meters in the Monte Rosa region and thus train for the Mont Blanc and Denali. Keep fingers crossed! 😉


Alpen 2019 Steffen Z


We will be climbing the Gran Paradiso – the largest (freestanding) mountain in Italy and therefore looking towards Mont Blanc – a great training for us.

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