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Mont Blanc Tour 2021

By 31. December 2020 2 Comments

There were already some inquiries – so here also officially our hint and the “Call to Action” for our Mont Blanc Tour 2021:

I have now received the final request from our tour guide for reservations of the Mont Blanc huts. So if we are to get any chance, we need to get binding commitments on 20/1/2021. The planned tour is:

  • 13.09.-17.09.21 Wallis / Sphagetti Tour for acclimatization.
  • 17.09.- ca 20.09.21 Mont Blanc

We will be 6 pax – and under certain circumstances we can find 2 more spots. Optionally only the Spaghetti Tour could be done. Whoever does not want to do Wallis / Spaghetti (and only Mont Blanc), he / she has to take care of the acclimatization himself / herself in advance. But this is advised absolutely insistently. Mastering the Mont Blanc circuit alone is neither healthy nor “easily” doable, even according to the guides. For the binding pre-registration we need:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Member of DAV, SAC, etc.
  • Vegatarian yes / no
  • Wallis only OR Wallis & Mont Blanc OR Mont Blanc only

The conditions are again always:

  • Mont Blanc goes only in the ratio 2:1 (2 guests, 1 guide).
  • We lay out the costs and the participants refund afterwards (makes the accounting easier)
  • We have 6 places for sure for Pink Summits; possibly 8 if the reservations work out.
  • If someone commits and does not attend, we will try to get replacements together to fill the spot.
  • Equipment can be brought by the guides after agreement
  • Everyone participates at his own risk and responsibility.



We will proceed as follows for the reservation:

  • First come, first serve
  • We will try to do all reservations in one go, we may have to try spot 7 & 8 in the 2nd reservation window in April.
  • We will establish a waiting list if needed.
  • If the reservation is successful, we take 25% deposit (which we have to pay for cabins and the guides immediately).
  • We prefer a good turnout (i.e. Valais & Mont Blanc together); however, if necessary, there may be people interested in Spaghetti alone and Mont Blanc alone – in which case we will chunk it.
  • If you have any questions, please ask. =)

Deadline for final feedback is January 15, 2021 12:30pm via email.



  • Rüdiger Schliffke says:

    Hi Steffen,
    wollte ja schon letztes Jahr mit euch auf den Mt.Blanc. Würde auch dieses Jahr mitgehen incl Spagetti Tour . Ich weiß nicht ob noch einige bergerfahrene dabei sind. Dann könnten wir evtl eine zusätzliche Seilschaft ohne extra Bergführer machen.
    Liebe Grüße


    • dastan says:

      Hi Rüdiger,
      es ist ja die Frage wie voll die Hütten sind. Sonst ist jeder willkommen mitzumachen!

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