As a part of the official sponsorship Osprey agreed to support our Pink Summits Scholarship to attract new members into our core team to support the campaign aim: to strengthen the visibility of LGBTQ+ people in adventure sports, including mountaineering and rock climbing.  The scholarship amount in 2023 is up to 3.000 euros that can be used for our planned expeditions or for new ideas and projects. Moreover, Osprey will provide you in-kind support with packs that you need for your expeditions or adventures.

We especially welcome applications from LBTQ+ women, people with disabilities, refugees and migrants, Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color (BIPOC), and anyone who is not able to join our expeditions due to financial constraints.

Who is eligible to apply?

Anyone can apply who

  • has some experience in mountaineering, rock climbing, canyoning, trekking, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, trail running, whitewater kayaking, paragliding or similar outdoor sports
  • is 18 years of age or older
  • self-identify as belonging to LGBTQ+ communities, is out and proud about it


We especially welcome applications from LBTQ+ women, people with disabilities, refugees and migrants, Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color (BIPOC), and anyone who is not able to join our expeditions due to financial constraints.

What are application dates?

Pink Summits Scholarship is open for applications from March 8, 2023 until the midnight of May 17, 2023 (Central European Time). We will announce winner(s) late June 2023.

How can I apply?

We just need your answers to these two questions:

1. Tell us about your most memorable moment in adventure sports
2. How are you planning to use the scholarship funds?

You need to post your answers as a video, a picture or a text on your social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube) and tag @pinksummits #PinkSummits @ospreyeurope #OspreyCommunity. If you do not have any social media, please, upload your video here: https://vimeo.com/upload and send a video link to dastan@pinksummits.com

Your video should not exceed 5 minutes or your text should be less than 500 words.

How will scholarship winners be selected?

After the application deadline a committee consisting of the Pink Summits team as well as representatives of Osprey will select finalists who will be invited to an interview online. The winner will be announced after those final interviews. Some of the selection criteria that will guide us to choose a winner:

  • Your story of being vocal for visibility and rights of LGBTQ+ communities
  • Your previous experience and background in adventure sports
  • How Pink Summits Scholarship will help you to realise your plans, ideas and dreams in both outdoor adventures and LGBTQ+ visibility
  • Long-term plans to stay in the Pink Summits team and to be involved in some of its events and activities

How will the finalists or winner be informed?

We will inform the finalists by sharing a post on all our social media channels with their profiles being tagged. We will also write to them personally and will invite for the final interviews. Those finalists who have sent their video link on Vimeo directly to us will be informed per email.

A winner will be contacted per email. They will be announced through all our social media channels and on our web-site as a new team member after they accept the scholarship.

If a winner is selected, how much time they have to accept the scholarship?

After a winner was selected and informed about the committee’s positive decision, they have four calendar weeks to reply and accept scholarship. After that date if the initial winner does not reply or rejects the scholarship, the next person from the finalists will be selected as a winner and informed per email.

What do Pink Summits and Osprey expect from you in return?

Since you will join the core team of Pink Summits, you need to

  • be active part of our team: co-organize some of our future events depeding on your availability or organize your own
  • provide relevant content (photos, videos and texts) about your outdoor adventures that will be posted in our blogs and social media channels
  • support visibility of both Pink Summits and Osprey

What happens with my personal data?

The processing of the required personal data serves exclusively to select a winner of the scholarship. The data will be only accessible to Pink Summits and Osprey teams and will not be passed on to third parties. All non-public data of the non-finalists will be stored for a period of 30 days after the closing date and then deleted. Personal data of the finalists will be kept for a period of 3 years from the application deadline and then deleted.

By applying to Pink Summits Scholarship you agree to possible sharing of your application texts, photos and videos by Osprey and Pink Summits through their channels, including social media, newsletters and websites.

Are there any other terms and conditions?

Cash payment of the Pink Summits Scholarship is not possible. The scholarship will be paid to the winner via a bank transfer.

We reserve the right to exclude participants and finalists due to incorrect information or manipulation during their application process.

If you share a photo or video during your application, you assure that you are authorized to upload that photo or video in terms of the copyright and consent of people who are present in your shared photo or video.